This virus has created so much uncertainty and fear, but we want you to know we are still here for you.

In times like this, we need our vehicles to be reliable more than ever to get to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store, and to check-in on our loved ones.

We’ve implemented a new social distancing plan of action to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff during this time.

1. Disinfect and sanitize common touch points before and after service

2. Use our key drop and after hours key lock boxes

3. Digital inspections can be texted or emailed so you can see what we see from work or home

4. Invoices can be emailed

5. Pay by phone

6. Using phone, email or our website
to communicate with us

Please stay safe and take care of one another and we will all get through this troubling time together.

Hobson Auto Repair

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Honesty, Integrity, and Just Darn Good Work! Here at Hobson Auto Repair of Seminole Florida, we take great pride in our work and believe in providing people expert advice and help at a reasonable cost. We will be honest if we cannot fix your problem and will take the time to explain what needs to be done to get you back on the road safely and reliably.

At Hobson’s Auto Repair of Seminole FL, we pride ourselves on being able to give you a fair price and work with you to ensure you continue to get the reliability and enjoyment out of your vehicle. Here are just some of the auto repair services we provide: brakes, tune-ups, ac-service, oil changes, timing belts, clutch service, tire service, coolant-systems, engine diagnostic services, and other repair services.

Although we are located in Seminole FL, we also are only a short drive for auto repair from Pinellas Park, Kenneth City, Indian Shores, and Redington Beach.

Complete Tune-Ups, Oil Changes, Coolant Changes, Electrical Systems and much more…


We provide the same auto repair services found at major car dealerships for a fraction of the price. Our diagnostic tools allow us to quickly identify the problem with your car or truck, and and fix this issue without changing out all your car’s parts in hopes of finding the issue causing the poor performance.

  • We only use certified parts, in making tune-ups and oil changes to your car.
  • We spend a great deal of time diagnosing the electrical systems to fix the problem right the first time.
  • We service foreign and domestic cars.

Come to Hobson Auto Repair shop located in Seminole, Florida and let us resolve your automobile’s problems today.!

How can I stay cool in Florida when my A/C isn’t working well?


The summers are hot in Seminole, Florida, and we can help you diagnose issues with your car’s A/C system to keep you cool. Here are some signs that your A/C system may need service:

  • A/C Blows warm to hot air from vents
  • A/C Randomly blows colder than you have set
  • A/C Makes noises when turning on or while driving

At Hobson Auto Repair Service of Seminole Florida, our ASE certified master technicians can inspect and provide an estimate as to whether your car’s A/C needs a simple recharge or a part replacement. We want to keep you cool!

  • Inspect A/C components
  • Run A/C performance tests and check current charge
  • Perform A/C leak tests

If your A/C runs on freon, we can convert your old system to a new environmentally friendly system using EPA-approved refrigerant (134a). Many older vehicles (prior to 1993) use a refrigerant called R12 or freon in the A/C system, but due to stricter environmental laws, this product is no longer manufactured, and supplies are scarce and expensive. Conversion to 134a is different for each vehicle. Hobson Auto Repair located in Seminole Florida will provide an estimate for repair of the old air conditioning system and an estimate to retrofit to 134a.

Will Your Car Brakes Work When You Need Them?


Our automotive mechanics pay special attention to the quality and effectiveness of your car brakes. The smallest noise or vibration could be an early sign that your car brakes need service or replacement. Car bottoming out on a bump or leaning excessively on turns may indicate a suspension problem. Are your brakes in good shape? Check this list:

  • Is your brake pedal lower than usual?
  • Does your steering wheel shake when you apply your brakes? (Your rotors and/or drums might need machining)
  • Is the brake pedal spongy when you push on it? (Might be your hydraulic system.)
  • Is your brake pedal hard to push? (Might be worn out shoes or pads.)
  • Does your red brake warning light on the dashboard stay on? (Might be an imbalance in your hydraulic system.)
  • Do your brakes make a squealing or grinding sound? (Might be a glazed rotor or the calipers may need replacing.)
  • Has it been more than a year since you had your brakes checked?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a brake inspection. Hobson Auto Repair Service located in Seminole Florida has trained specialists that use the latest car factory diagnostic equipment, expert know-how and superior braking parts and components made from premium materials for your car. Please come by Hobson Auto Repair located in Seminole, Florida and allow us to inspect your brakes and suspension today at no charge for these important safety issues.

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?


We provide the same auto diagnostic services found at major car dealerships at a fraction of the price. Our diagnostic tools allow our auto mechanics to quickly identify the problem with your car or truck, and keeps costs at a minimum as we quickly repair the issues that are identified.

  • Specialists with American vehicles and Import cars and trucks
  • High tech scan tools – the same ones used at the major dealers!
  • OBDII diagnostics – ability to scan and reset codes

Come by our Seminole Auto Repair shop and let us solve your Check Engine light problem!

When Should I Replace My Tires?


You should replace your car tires based on the following:

  • If car tires are bald and/or show the steel belts or material other than rubber
  • If less than 1/16th of an inch of tread is remaining (use a penny and insert upside down, if you see the top of Lincoln’s head, time for replacement)
  • Unusual or uneven wear pattern across the tread of the car tire

We can assist in inspecting your car tires and recommend replacement based on your vehicle. Remember, tires are a large part of what keep you safely traveling on the road and with our heavy Florida rainstorms, can prevent you from getting in an unnecessary accident. At Hobson Auto Repair Service we are concerned about your safety.

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