Hobson Auto Repair Reviews – Seminole Florida

Here at Hobson Auto Repair of Seminole Florida, we take great pride in our work and believe in providing people expert advice and help at a reasonable cost. We will be honest if we cannot fix your problem and will take the time to explain what needs to be done to get you back on the road safely and reliably. Below are just a few of the auto repair reviews from some of our valued customers, and we hope to add your experience here to in the near future:

Honesty, Integrity and Just Darn Good Work!

Y.L.Verified Customer

Today was my first visit to your shop and I must say I really enjoyed the personal professional help that Mr. Jim gave me. I waited in your lobby which I would like to add was very welcoming and clean. I have been passing on the word about your business. I must tell you Mr. Jim, you are my new auto Dr. Thank you for being honest and walking me through the issues with my van. May god always bless you and your family, also bless your business!!

Robin W.Verified Customer

Kudo’s to Jim (and Mike) for their expertise work. I am the original owner of a 98 Chevy Camaro Z-28 & will never sell. Jim is a very honest business man & a great hardworking mechanic who truly knows his stuff. Jim has been my mechanic for several years & will continue to be for many more to come! Keep up the “great” job & continued success with your new business!! Thank you for keeping my car in perfect running condition.

Ruth D.Verified Customer

Followed Jim from “down the street” where he took care of my Jeep for years. Great service – he knows my car & never pushes for unnecessary work. Go Gators!

Suzie A.Verified Customer

So happy to find a place where Christians abide! I trust Mr. Jim’s opinions & expertise, & Mike also. The fellowship here is wonderful also!

Chuck C.Verified Customer

Jim is a flower among the thorns – It is a delight for a stranger from out of town to run into a person of such character. A pleasant surprise!

Pat P.Verified Customer

How lucky am I to find Jim! I am a CA gal and just moved here a month ago. I found Jim in the Seminole Beacon. He is a very friendly and caring person. In CA I had a mechanic and he checked my car monthly, so now it’s up to Jim to ensure my Mazie runs good!

Happy CustomerVerified Customer

Thank you lord for sending this honest business man. He has been taking care of my 99 Hyundai for years and because of his care it still runs great with over 200,000 miles on it. I would (and have) recommend Jim and Mike to anyone. Females are weary of mechanics who might take advantage of our lack of knowledge with cars. Never Jim, his is honest.

Jean T.Verified Customer

Followed Jim to his new endeavors and so glad I did. I appreciate your work. Thanks!